Creating beneficiaries and making local and international payments in three clicks of a mouse. Real-time screening and compliance monitoring integration allow you to automate associated basic compliance tasks. No need for re-keying or manual intervention, reducing risks and costs.

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The Lending Module enables companies to launch a loan product in under 8 weeks from scratch. This module supports onboarding, scoring, underwriting, collections, product management, regulatory reporting and more.  It enables businesses to independently manage all elements of the processes without the need to code.

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At BBFCloud, we understand the challenges world facing to improve the security of information and information systems. Therefore, we created the best practice solution, to deliver benefits and standards of protection under the globally recognized ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standards.

Furthermore, we added 2-factor authentication around key processes to ensure the security of customer transactions.

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Currency module is designed for currency conversions (T+0, T+1, SPOT and FWD), spread management and more. It uses partners service with direct access to markets.

We integrate with a number of large UK currency and payments companies.

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The Card Module allows companies to add Debit Cards or Prepaid Cards to their offering by linking them to Ledgers. Cards can be single-currency or multi-currency, with the multi-currency aspect managed on the platform or by the card scheme.

The module has granular control and reporting.

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The Communications module allows product managers and marketers to easily manage sms, push and email messages across all stages of customers life-cycle.

A collection of operational and marketing event-based triggers and trigger controls provide flexibility in tailoring your customer experience.

The chatter functionality provides an overview of communications history across each customer.

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The Ledgers and wallets module allows instant issuance of ledgers in any available currency. IBANs and local bank accounts provided by a partner bank can be attached to ledgers for incoming and outgoing payments. Debit Cards can be instantly linked to the ledgers as a payment instrument.

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The Compliance Module is part of the Eligibility system managing seamless ID&V, AML checking and screening, transaction monitoring, Black-list management, activity audit, reporting and more.

It enables a compliant organisation to reduce the cost of compliance by automating key processes.

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The Accounting module maintains a real-time record of all incoming and outgoing transactions, revenues and costs for internal product management. It provides vital management information on Unit Economics by customer, transaction or product.
It is not a Bookkeeping software solution. It mirrors your Chart of accounts and stores extensive transactional and meta-data.
It also integrates with external suppliers such as QuickBooks and Xero for up-to-date bookkeeping.

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