BBFCloud offers a powerful and versatile cloud-based platform for lenders, payments companies and neo-banks.  The modules support managing electronic money, payments, multiple currencies, cards, loans and more. BBFCloud Platform is built to support expanding businesses across multiple jurisdictions, currencies and languages. The SaaS platform covers a number of modules design for customer self-service and back-office accessible through an easy to use the web interface.

The system has an administrator section where you can manage tariffs, reports, risks, compliance, all users and other operational tasks both manual and via API. 

BBFCloud delivers a cloud-based platform that meets the need for financial services firms, e-commerce and other corporates.



The flexibility of the BBFCloud Platform allows for quick adoption of emerging business process needs. The modules are configurable and extendable enabling faster changes to existing features and deployment of new.


BBFCloud Platform microservices architecture and modular design enables businesses to configure the platform to suit operations, while also access other modules as business needs arise, making it a cost-effective solution.


BBFCloud Platform supports single-country and multi-jurisdictional firms with a cloud-based adaptable solution. BBFCLoud Platform will also reduce your operational overhead and IT costs.



BBF Cloud will provide a simple online portal for your Compliance workflow saving you time, money and giving you more control so that you can focus on running your art business, rather than doing admin.

  • It automates your compliance
  • Instant Risk Score and AML check Pass/Fail 
  • Saves you money and time on compliance 
  • Regulated businesses use our platform 
  • Offers other valuable services 

Get ready for the January 2020 government deadline by preparing to meet your obligations. Consider your options, and remember that you need to have recorded evidence of conducting a risk assessment and compliance checks on your customers from January 2020 forward.

Talk to an expert now for an easy online portal to simplify your compliance, record keeping, and reduces your transactional costs.

BBFCloud Platform is a modular solution that can be delivered in flexible and customised packages.

The modules consist of two main subsystems: back-office and client web interface. Back Office is separated into a manager module and administrator module, while client-interface to private and corporate users. The system supports a powerful internal audit, hierarchy of user permissions management.

BBFCloud Platform deployed in the cloud as SaaS, it is mobile Android and iOS native.

We manage the implementation to launch and will provide training through documentation, online and in person. A dedicated Account Manager and online support are available to help fulfil your goals.


  • Real-time operations
  • Business-oriented processes
  • Multicurrency, account, language, country
  • Web App / Mobile App (coming soon)
  • Online banking
  • Currency brokerage
  • Incoming and outgoing payments
  • Online lending products
  • Lending offer trees
  • Card management (coming soon)
  • Statements and reporting
  • Fraud detection (coming soon)
  • Risk and Compliance management
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Tariff management
  • Double entry accounting
  • CRM management
  • Lead management
  • Open API (coming soon)
  • and more


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